Saturday, November 13, 2010

5th Ave. Cinema

The word "free" has a way of catching my attention, and holding it until I can decipher whether or not it is regarding entertainment or food.
When passing the 5th Avenue Cinema, I was faced with a billboard exhibiting "free movies" and "free popcorn." Next, I found myself held up at the corner of SW 5th & Hall, and proceeded to enter the lobby, find a schedule, and plan out my first date to the next showing.
The following Saturday, (my 21st birthday) I returned to the theatre to eat popcorn and watch "East."

I have kept my distance from movie theaters. My last memory of watching a movie on a big screen was Lord of the Rings. I don't know how long ago that was, but I remember falling asleep. I remember the air conditioning, greasy popcorn, and all of the useful minutes of life I was wasting.

The 5th Avenue Cinema was different. "East" is a film set in India during the early 1950's. I spent some time in India a couple years ago and found the cinematography to be somewhat nostalgic and the story line was engaging.

The only tangent I can tell about is my brief conversation about free popcorn with my cousin (who accompanied me.)

Other places to find free popcorn:
-Ace Hardware
-Car dealerships
-Oil Can Henrys
-Furniture Stores
-Model Homes

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