Friday, November 5, 2010

The UPS Store at the Urban Plaza

I thought to investigate the UPS Store by the Urban Plaza when I was offered an interview there. When I went in I also asked them some questions about their store.
Sharon told me that the UPS store also does some printing and designing for things like resumes, which means that I'll have to learn how to use a Windows computer again. They also deliver packages through USPS.
They currently have four employees. I'll be the fifth. A friend of mine worked for the store last year but not anymore.
Sharon told me that one time they packaged a canoe in the narrow hallway behind the main working area, but found they'd have to unwrap the entire thing to get it outside.
And later: I've worked at the UPS Store two shifts now and I think my bosses like me. They're letting me make their Christmas decorations and the job is pretty easy. The store gets a lot of regular characters, including this man named Bear who comes in to print his eccentric storybook pamphlets all the time.

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