Saturday, November 20, 2010

The SkyBridge between Neubeurger and Smith Buildings

I consider this location my little “Le Hermitage”. It allows me to view my surroundings from a different and unique perspective while walking to my intended destination without the usual; or,what some might say, mundane routines in transit. It's rather quiet and allows one to possibly enjoy their surroundings more; rather than, having to deal with the aggressive tendencies of the city streets. Being able to walk to my destination; without being told to stop and go by an electronical device, can be a rather liberating experience.
There are concrete benches along the arched areas of the skybridge between the two adjacent buildings; where, I sometimes see an occasional smoker here or there. The scenery facing Park Place is truly a surreal sight to experience; especially, when it is drizzling.
This place allows me the tranquility to experience my surroundings outside the parameters of the usual settings we all are accustomed to when on our commutes. For one moment, I can hear the birds over the city noise below; and, see a beautify skyline without the big blinders of walls from buildings that surround me when in the streets. I guess that it is a sense of freedom that I experience when being here that gives me some solace.

Nancy Fischbach

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