Monday, November 1, 2010

Association of African Students

Lesson learned ( # 1 tip for wannabe reporters and researchers: write everything down!)

I picked the Association of African Students for my place of interest and could not be more satisfied with my choice. I encountered an office full of warm and very welcoming. I mainly spoke to a student who identified herself as the 'PR person" (hence my tip above, since unfortunately I forgot her name) and told me that the African Student Association has over 100 members and last year celebrated its 30th anniversary. Another student who was there ( who wore a very traditional middle easter garment, had her face covered and did not want to take pics or shake my hand- though was extremely nice and courteous-) told me that the mission of the association was to "united the African student community attending PSU and the student community at large". They have a great number of activities and events throughout the the year, including, AIDS awareness week and African night which includes a fashion show, which enthusiastically encourage me to attend. They have a meeting this Friday at 2pm.

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