Monday, November 22, 2010

Association of African Students (Revised

I picked the Association of African Students for my place of interest and could not be more satisfied with my choice. AAS is among other organizations and clubs that are part of Portland State University and whose main goal is to diversify as well as provide students of different backgrounds with a sense of belonging within the academic world and PSU in particular. As soon as I walked in to the office of AAS,I encountered a warm and very welcoming environment. I mainly spoke to a student who identified herself as the 'PR person" and told me that the African Student Association has over 100 members and that it celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. Another student who was there ( who wore a very traditional middle easter garment and was also extremely nice and courteous-) told me that the mission of the association was to "unite the African student community attending PSU and the student community at large". They have a great number of activities and events throughout the year, including, AIDS awareness week and African night which includes a fashion show, which they enthusiastically encourage me to attend.

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