Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art Mural of a Norse Viking ship

Having to go to my Jazz History class in the Rec Center two times a week during spring term, I
noticed this art mural placed in the lobby below the first set of stairs. It is placed in such an unusual spot that it always has caught my gaze.
For some reason, someone thought it be a beautiful decorative piece to put in front of the bathroom entrance way; but, without having any plague or statement to better understand this piece and the vision behind it. Having to go to a 9am class and battling my usual compications of an overwhelming day, it always seemed to give me a unique and abstract perspective each time I would rush past to make my class. Each time I passed by, I would hear the distant and echoing sounds of Jazz Greatests being heard throughout the Lobby; which, would add a new eclectic element to the piece every time.
My own personal connection to the piece is simply the ancestry and heritage; but more importantly, it symbolizes the unique blending of cultural perspectives that so uniquely relates with my own life experiences.
The Piece itself is made of stain glass and has vibrant primary colors distinguishing each individual part of the Norse Viking ship. The method of using stain glass is from Northern Europe descent which correlates with the image itself; but, what I fail to understand is the connection between the art piece and the building itself. Is the connection simply that we are known as the Portland State Vikings? -and if so, why wouldn't it be better placed in a more appropriate location?
Nancy Fischbach

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