Monday, October 25, 2010

12th Street Stairs

I was originally going to do the Stott Community Field, but when I was walking over there, I remembered a place I had been to around there that was a lot more interesting. So I headed over to the 12th street stairs. I'd been to them before a couple of times in my p.e. classes. On my way there I realized that getting information about the stairs would be difficult because it's not like an office building or a business, so I decided to ask people I saw along the way about the stairs. I met a woman named Georganne Pierce, who was power walking with a friend. She told me that there were 176 steps, and that the stairs were "very historic." I asked her if she knew anything about their history and she replied, "not really," and told me that a lot of runners use the stairs to train for the Portland to Coast run. She continued on that people come from all over Portland to use the stairs, which I sort of believe to be true. I wanted to get a picture of her and ask more questions but I could tell I was interrupting her workout. I then went to snap a few pictures and climb some of the steps.

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