Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Helen Gordon Child Development Center


The other day while walking to class I saw a group of young children being lead by teachers around campus. I had never even thought about the possibility of a childcare center at PSU, but after thinking more about it its a totally good idea and of COURSE they would have one...
Anyways, after seeing this I looked up childcare at PSU and found the Helen Gordon Development Center. I visited there and saw a lady on the phone. She said to hold on a second while she wrapped up her call but then was very eager to talk to me. She told me that the center was mainly for the children of faculty working at PSU and the children of PSU students. I asked if you werent affiliated with PSU if your children could go there and she said that there was a very long waiting list. The term "development center" instead of "preschool/daycare" made me think that it would be more than just a daycare, so I asked her about that. She said it was mostly childcare, but that occasionally classes like Speech and hearing or psychology classes would observe the children (...?). I later asked her if they accept student teachers and she seemed very eager to recruit me. She said that they are currently full but that she would start accepting winter term applications in November, and gave me both the forms to be a student teacher and a volunteer. The slightly tedious background checks included on those forms made me question the "observation of children" from classes...Id like to talk to her more about that. But, she gave me her card and said that I could call her with any further questions.
Something I forgot to mention in class is that I was hoping to maybe talk to parents of children taking them to daycare, and ask them questions too...but while I visited I didnt see any children or parents.

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