Monday, October 11, 2010

Native American Life in the Great NorthWest: a Mural

After much research, I found this mural was painted by students in the 2001 summer session of Mural Painting 399, taught by the respected and widely known on the Portland Art scene, Professor: Isaka Shamsud-din. Professor Shamsud-din explained to me the needed discipline in mural painting, and claimed that artists should be very experienced in order to understand the discipline that mural painting takes and all of the challenges involved. This mural is particularly special because the students painting it had different ideas of what they wanted the overall and final presentation to represent. Xavier Oberlander in the Art department, shared with me his memories of this particular mural and claimed that everyone "wanted their input and cultural background displayed." Oberlander claims much conflict arose with this particular mural and the fight for the Native American theme of this mural. While Shamsud-din claims that there was no controversy over the mural, students in that particular group just didn't seem to get along. As the staircase in Neuburger hall on the East wing coils up, you will see the other mural paintings that the summer session of professor Isaka Shamsud-din's Mural painting class completed. Simply Beautiful works.

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