Sunday, October 24, 2010

Experiences with PSU’s Disability Resource Center

            This is a facility that offers specialized resources to people with different types of disabilities.  I approached this office with the intent to better understand how to assist persons with vision deficiencies in the classroom.  This office is located in the building called Smith. 

            So, I walked in to the office with my head phones plugged into my ears and pulled them out just to ask the receptionist if I could meet with a person who could offer generalized information on how to assist the vision deficient.  Her response was panicked, and a conversation about confidentially ensued, though she directly asked me the names of any specific students whom I was assisting.  It was then apparent that I had to divert the focus of our conversation to her in order to get the information that I wanted.  There seemed to be some sort of diplomatic language that I was not aware of.  As soon as I switched my tone and focused on the interest of learning more about the generalized disorder and how to be conscious of others she felt comfortable ushering me to someone else for information.  But, only after insisting that if I am helping an individual that I come back with them and set up a meeting to discuss the logistics of my aide and internship. I thought it to be strange that a program created for people and their special needs could be so impersonal and diplomatic.

At, any rate the next person whom I spoke with was much more grounded in reality and revealed more understanding in his language.  And as we spoke I took a series of notes, which I will write verbatim.

DRC…Confidentiality…online how to

 Be natural

 -generalized discussion for the needs of somebody w/ disabilities

 -avoid mention of safety

 -what I want to share and their obstacles

 -offer elbows if asked -don’t assume-

 -don’t be afraid of talking about seeing

 -no monologue

 -Be normal

 -DRC established in 80’s…30 yrs.

 -Provides accommodations – specialized

-Rehabilitation counseling

 -Disability art

-Kathryn Miller-low vision-PNCA

 -Mark Woolly Gallery, “Somewhat Secret Place”

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