Monday, October 18, 2010

PSU's fleet of mini electric cars

I followed a tiny electric car down a tunnel last week and found PSU's fleet of mini electric cars. On a return visit I caught a man named mike smoking a cigarette. He turned out to be real friendly and excited to talk about the mini cars. Apperently he does the ordering and maintenance and they recently received a grant to replace all their vehicles over 10 years old. This meant getting rid of all gas powered vehicles and replacing them with the zippy electric ones I see silently hovering around campus.

Mike took me into the warehouse where he pointed out Zapcars and a variety of Taylor Dunns. The little cars were lined up plugged into extension cords. They are 100% electric; one Zapcar even has a solar panel. They can go pretty fast but Mike has them tuned down to only 15 MPH. The cars are used by all of PSU's maintenance such as landscaping and electrical workers. I got to take some grainy Sasquatch style photos, which are posted below. I'll work on getting better quality shots soon.

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