Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This space off limits

This is in the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union. It is in the Food For Thought Cafe which is a collectively run student cafe. In front of the counter there is a staircase that leads up to a mysteriously unknown location. As far as I remember there has always been a sign prohibiting anyone from going up the stairs. Currently the sign reads "This space is off limits. Please do not go up these stairs." Whenever I stand in line waiting to order food I often have wondered what was up the stairs that we were supposed to stay away from. From the layout of the building I assumed the stairs went out up and out to the facilities loading area where all the trash is that opens up between Smith and Neuberger. After inquiring further I found out that it leads up to the day care center where small children have their nap time. Apparently as someone pointed out during our visit to the staircase Food For Thought Cafe used to be a bar, and presumably the day care did not exist at that time. The stair case was another entrance to the bar.

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