Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Basha's Food Cart

The Food Stands here at PSU are quite unique in my perspective of college campuses. Out of the various colleges that I have attended through out the United States, I have found PSU to be the only one thus far that have these types of services for the people who attend classes here. Being intrigued by the flavor and look of mediterranean foods, I decided to narrow my focus on Bashas Mediterranean Cuisine. Maggie has worked this stand for 12 years and has taken over the business since her father started the first food stand here at PSU over 35 years ago. She works the stand every weekday between the hours of 11Am- 5PM and even attends school here at PSU. The only time she takes off is at the end of August until School begins again for Fall Term. Her food is fresh being prepared every morning and she doesn't rely on the usual standards that most food industries do. The most favorite food here is the Falafel and is made of fava beans, tahini-base sauces, lettuce, tomato, and pickles wrapped in a warm pita; which, became famous around 5 years ago. Her business is doing pretty well but comments about the weather having an affect on it when it is gloomy outside. She loves having people try new foods and finds that she sometimes has to force a new taste on someone; but, always with positive results. She will be relocating soon and is excited about her new location in the Student Building which will take place within a week or two from now. She will be serving sandwiches, plates, hummus with pita bread, chicken, rice and lentil soup. Surprisingly at the end, I found myself eating a Falafel she gave to me to try once she realized I never had one before.

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