Monday, October 18, 2010

Green Space

For my second location I chose to look into what that room next to Food For Thought Cafe was all about. I've been going to Food For Thought for over a year now on an extremely regular basis and every time I pass the small room with a chalkboard wall, table and chairs, desk and lounge area. My curiosity is sparked, and it's about time I talked to someone in there to understand what the room is actually used for. I went into what I thought was an empty room until I realized someone was sitting on the couch with her computer and bag. She asked me how I was and I found out that she works there during some of the spaces open hours. I started asking her questions, explaining my situation, and how I was just really curious about what the room was used for and how it related to this class. Her name is Lauren and she told me that the Green Space was open to all students to come and hang out. She showed me the table with information and explained the calendar of events. She explained how it was typically where students with sustainability interests to come join together. Every Thursday at 4pm there is a Garden tour followed up by the Environmental club meeting that starts off in the Green Space and often gets diverted to a different area, maybe out to eat or coffee. Lauren was really sweet and we chatted for a while. She told me that the Green Space is a shared area of four different club; the Environmental Club, the Bicycle advocacy collective, SLECL (student leaders in ecology, culture and learning) and the Permaculture Guild. The Green Space has only been at it's location next to Food for Thought for 3 years, and she didn't know what the room was used as before because she hasn't been a student at PSU for very long.

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