Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Music Score Library

When given this assignment, I really had no where in mind on campus that I wanted to show people. However, since the Lincoln building had just finished construction and opened to students this term, I decided that I would begin my search there since I had never been inside of it and it looked like an interesting building. I learned that they had moved the music school into there and I found a lot of interesting things I never knew existed at our school, such as brand new practice studios and multiple rehearsal spaces and auditoriums. I still couldn't find anything that I knew I wanted to show our class, so I found a student in the building and asked him if there was anything interesting in the building that I should know about. He was a music student and directed me to multiple places I had never heard of that he knew about, most notably the music score library. He told me it was in a tucked away corner of the Miller Library, and that he's never seen anyone else in it before. I eventually found it in the very back of the music section of the library. It was just as described-- quiet, densely filled and virtually empty. When I came in there were two freshman music students who had been recommended that they check out the room by their FRINC teacher. It was their first time in the room and they were very excited about it and directed me to an entire section of Bach scores. Since they didn't know anything else about the room, I went to the library's directory and asked them if they knew anything about it, and was told that the scores had been purchased by a fraction of the Miller Grant designated for music. The director also told me that our school has the approximately the same size music score collection as the Multnomah County Library does and that their library is considered very large for a public library. I was also told to contact Kristin Kern, who supposedly purchased the majority of the library, but when I called her office all I got was a voice recording that hadn't been updated since last spring.

This is part of the huge collection of Bach that the library has. There were probably double this that I couldn't get into the frame.

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