Monday, October 18, 2010

Food for Thought Cafe

Food for Thought Cafe is sort of like my second home. I practically live in the large, at times somewhat awkwardly set up space in the basement of Smith Building on PSU campus. The first time I ever came to Portland and visited PSU I went to Food For Thought Cafe and remember having the tastiest chocolate treat and coffee. At the beginning of my first fall term here it quickly became a campus retreat for me as a place to get mostly delicious vegetarian and vegan food, always good cheap coffee and baked goods. It was really just a good central place where I knew I could typically run into people I already knew, or in so many cases since I've been at PSU, a place to meet people. The reason I chose Food For Thought is because it's not only a completely student run and cooperative cafe that uses mostly local and organic produce, but it also holds art exhibitions throughout the year featuring student artwork. Also, every tuesday at 7 there is an open mic, which I try to go to and play at as much as I can. For me, Food for Thought really embodies a place on campus I hope isn't so overlooked, a place where all kinds of people come to and share their ideas and abilities and connect with eachother. It's a refuge from the rain that always promises to be cozy no matter the weather. It has it's imperfections, but I've experienced more community, artistic expression and welcoming gatherings here more than anywhere on campus. Having taken part in these I have come to feel really close to Food For Thought as a space where people know me and as somewhere I always feel comfortable and able to be expressive.

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