Monday, October 25, 2010

PSU Library's Comic Book Collection

For my third area of interest I chose the comic book collection on the 2nd floor of the Portland State library. Comic books are sort of a hobby of mine and the PSU library has a decent sized collection for any PSU student to check out. While the collection does include some items from other publishers, most of the comics are from the Dark Horse Comics Collection. The founder of Dark Horse, Mike Richardson, was a former PSU student. Back in 2008, the PSU Library and Dark Horse comics entered into an agreement that Dark Horse would donate two copies of all its publications and products to the library and then the library would catalog the publications and make them available through its circulating collection and Special Collections unit. The circulating collection can be found on the shelves on the library and are available for check-out for all library card holders. The items can also be requested from other libraries through Summit and ILL. The Special Collections holdings are available by appointment only and not for general circulation. As of today the PSU library has nearly all of Dark Horse's backlog, from their publications, processed and available and they continue to receive new ones as they become available. Any student or PSU library card holder with an interest in comics should definitely check out the collection on the 2nd floor.

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